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ALL feedback questions have been answered

A big thank you to all the subscribers that provided feedback.

All your questions have been addressed and amended where necessary.

We did not have chance to reply personally but please beware that we are grateful that you took the time to provide us with feedback and we thank you for your patience.

Over the next few months we will be adding more MCQs to the data base


iMeducate Team



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Thank you to all our users for their patience

The iMeducate site was upgraded over the past week. Unfortunately during this process we encountered some unforeseen problems. They have been fixed.

We apologise for the inconvenience that it must have caused, but the upgrade was required.


iMeducate Team




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Good luck to all members sitting the ACEM primary and fellowship exams and the AMC exam

iMeducate wishes you the best of luck

Godd luck to the AMC

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New part one MCQs are being added to the bank.

In order to get as many as possible added to the site, some of the answers will not include explanations.

These will be added in due course.


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New MCQS for the primary and fellowship exams will be added to the site over the coming months. In order to avoid lengthy delays, we will first be publishing the MCQ and its answer (but without the explanation). We will add the explanation in due course

We do not want to delay the addition of the question to the site because it does not have an explanation.

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Well done to all the primary candidates who were invited to attend the integrated viva exam.

Great effort!!!!!

Good luck to the fellowship candidates who are waiting for their written results

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Thank you for your patience!

We have launched our new updated website.

The site has been upgraded to work on mobile sources and the new features include the ability to handle greater amounts of traffic.

New features include easier access to your information and exams. Just click on your name once you have signed in and a drop down box appears with the following:

  1. My Dashboard
  2. My performance
  3. My invoices
  4. Edit account
  5. How many active subscriptions

We hope you enjoy the new look!

iMeducate Team





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Thank you iMeducate. While I have now thankfully passed my exams, I would like to continue using the site so that I can try to remember all I have learned!”

“I would like to extend my gratitude to the iMeducate team. Thank you for providing this excellent resource – I found it invaluable in my exam preparation, and it contributed greatly to my success in the primary exam.”

“I have just passed the primary exam (all 4 subjects)!  Thank you to the iMeducate team for this awesome resource. Not only was the access to questions, answers and explanations exceptionally useful, the quick response times to questions and queries was brilliant.  I have recommended this resource to everyone I know intent on sitting the ACEM primary and will continue to do so into the future.  Thanks again!!”

“Just completed my Primary Exams and got through all 4 subjects. Just emailing to express my thanks for being such a great resource for us. If it wasn’t for the website I am pretty sure I would not be where I am today. Thank you and keep going well with your work.”

“With fast, sleek features and an ever growing question bank, iMeducate was an essential adjunct in helping me pass my ED Primaries. Much more effective that trawling through paper questions and having to research them myself. Well worth the money. Thanks guys!”

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iMeducate thanks you!

Thank you for the ongoing questions and feedback!

Feedback provides the user an opportunity to raise any issues about the current questions. It provides the iMeducate group the ability to correct and update these questions.  It also creates open dialogue with the users.  We provide personal responses (via email) to each user. We hope this adds a personal touch.

We also encourage the user to let us know about any other issues that may arise. The site is a “LIVE” one and we constantly strive to maintain it.

Thank you for all the positive feedback we have received. We are glad so many of you are enjoying the site